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As an experienced interior design company, A LIVING fully understands that the interior building is not just the visual enhancement and construction of an interior. It seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be applied.

We take into account factors in shaping the interior solution. We examine aspects such as the space itself, the function and the identity of the space. 

We also pay special attention to the many interior building elements that range from the visual (color, lighting, form) to the tangible (surface, shape, texture).

Attention is also paid to the types and characteristics of furniture, accessories and decorations that will be used in interior decoration. 

Last but not least, we ensure absolute perfection in all the construction and finishing of the furniture.


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Attention to       Research      Attention      Nature we

needs of each    of beauty      we spread     respect


The company is one of the best known in the field of kitchen furniture in Italy and with exports worldwide are constantly increasing.
The attention to design, the constant search for quality materials, the comparison, the study, the reliability, the functionality contained in each project is what makes each product, an innovative result.
Craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and innovative design are concepts intertwined with the Italian tradition. For ARAN the design of a kitchen is not just the construction of a piece of furniture, but the creation of a space where you can let your family and friends experience unique emotions.
The values of the company, first of all, are the attention to the needs of the families, the empathy, the identification with the customers and their wishes.
The vision of the company is that the ARAN kitchen will bring moments of happiness in all the houses of the world, giving experiences of pleasure in an environment that is close to the needs of everyone and even more beauty.


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With Walk-in closets the possibilities are uncountable. Rooms dedicated to the closet space which is both spacious and welcoming as a living space. Functionality turns into a look of high aesthetics.
Modern lines and excellent materials enhance the different aspects of the Walk-in wardrobe and the refined possibility of construction.
The ability to place the equipment at the desired height, the wide variety of equipment, the availability of different types of materials and finishes, innovative solutions such as lighting shelves, allow multiple design solutions and excellent adaptation of the system


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Azzurra Ceramica is a leading company in bathroom design and technical innovation of the bathroom.
Especially with the ability to capture and, sometimes, to be at the forefront of bathroom design trends, they passionately promote solutions adapted to the new requirements of the third millennium. A combination of quality products, design and technology that has won international markets.
With a tradition based on handmade techniques, Azzurra has created a production that combines technological innovation and craftsmanship.
All Azzurra collections are designed to capture the latest trends in the bathroom. This is confirmed by awards that have been given for formal experiments and prestigious collaborations with international designers.


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A LIVING, having a stylistic identity, has chosen collaborations with leading electrical appliance companies, with the aim of providing you with the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Through the huge range of products of SMEG, FALMEC and BORA in ovens, hobs, built-in cooking systems, refrigerators and hoods we are able to meet any of your needs.


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Following all the modern trends of architecture and decoration, we chose collaborations with leading companies in the field. Companies such as Lapitec, Diresco and Franke have been pioneering kitchen countertops for several decades and pioneering special constructions using synthetic materials and stones.


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A creative space that aims at the excellence of ceramic materials, their research and composition.

Elements of industrial aesthetics are combined with others that have a strong handmade character, neutral colors and shades, maximum influence and minimalist atmosphere.


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Working with the leading home sinks and faucets we are able to provide the customer with unique quality and aesthetic solutions.

Blanco is the world’s leading manufacturer of sinks specializing in the development of innovative applications in the kitchen.

Newform with continuous research and development has managed to become one of the most important companies of faucets and bathroom and kitchen accessories. Aesthetics and functionality, design and originality along with attention to detail, compose the characteristics of quality and research of the company.


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Each space a new inspiration.Quality that is born and developed by turning the idea into a final product.
ΚEvery day we create innovative and elegant solutions to meet the needs of all family members.
Design characterized by the coherence of shapes and colors, the flexibility of proposals and the meticulous attention to materials and finishes place A Living products at a high level of quality, respecting the tastes and demands of a demanding customer


We started with the knowledge that in order to achieve something, it has to be something really great. And here we are today. At this point, we combine our passion for design with houses that have know-how and innovation, to bring a new way of thinking to your home. We are not a furniture store, we are a boutique. We are able to provide solutions in the spaces of your home with special products, with works of art. This is our strength, the offer of our products has to reflect our unique aesthetics. We had to move away from the classic shapes of sofas, bookshelves, sideboards and upholstery..


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We believe in quality. From the selection and construction of materials, to the selection of the finish and the purpose of a production of high standards.
Elegant solutions that can meet the functional needs of your wardrobe, giving the space of your bedroom the result you want.
Our wardrobes will help you organize your spaces and give structure to your rooms.
Design, practicality and creativity are the keywords that describe the closets that are designed for storage and are created to please you.

The classic folding closets meet the modern design and together create space for the things that matter.
Sliding wardrobes give fluidity, design and style. Φ make sure every item has its place, without the closet taking up the space you need for your daily needs. Varnish, wood, glass, upholstered in fabric or leather. With a special ecological finish or glass. Choose your model and color.


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